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Avoid The Roid by Bill Jordan is an asteroids like game I wrote, originally based on Maelstrom for Linux. The current released version is 0.6.1. At first it was just a modification of the original, but it eventually became a rewrite of all the source code. The game is written in c++ and uses unix sockets for networking, pthreads for the thread library, OpenGL for the graphics library, glut for windows and input, and OpenAL for audio. Avoid The Roid has been tested and runs on Linux and Windows 2000/XP, although Linux is the best supported platform.


10/20/01 - Moved project to sourceforge.net.

9/22/01 - Released version 0.6.1 of Avoid The Roid. This is just a minor bugfix release. I found several thread and networking problems with version 0.6.

9/19/01 - Released version 0.6 of Avoid The Roid. Both client and server are now merged into a single executable. ATR is now more heavily dependent upon threads, and as a result of this, ATR no longer works under Windows 95, 98, ME, and NT. However, there is now full sound support for Windows 2000 and XP.

5/23/01 - Released version 0.5 of Avoid The Roid. Among the changes are gui configuration on startup, high scores, and preliminary sound support for windows. Sound support is currently very slow and unstable on the windows platform. Even without sound, I've seen some crashes on the windows platform. I believe this is because of the switch to cygwin pthreads. Hopefully the stability will be improved with future versions of cygwin.

4/24/01 - Released version 0.3 of Avoid The Roid. Among the changes are steel asteriods and many network enhancements. Avoid The Roid can now be played across the Internet.

4/3/01 - Released version 0.2 of Avoid The Roid. Among the changes are improved sound on Linux and the addition of Vortexes.


OpenAL is required for sound. It can be obtained here. The binary distribution of Avoid The Roid is statically linked against OpenAL, so no additional download is necessary. It is necessary to obtain OpenAL to build Avoid The Roid with sound from source. In addition, OpenGL and glut 3.7 or later is required for all platforms. Both OpenGL and glut 3.7 come with Redhat 6.2 and 7.x, and with cygwin under Windows. The binary distribution of Avoid The Roid for Windows contains all necessary DLLs for running. In order to build Avoid The Roid from source under Windows, cygwin 1.3.2 or later is needed and can be obtained from here.


The following documentation is available:

Readme - A brief description of the game.
Gameplay - An overview of the gameplay.
ChangeLog - A list of changes from version to version.
Todo - A list of thing to do for the game.


Here is a screenshot from a single player game.
Here is a screenshot from a multi player game.

Project Links

Sourceforge Project - This is the main project page on sourceforge.
Downloads - This is the download section on sourceforge.

Other Links

Maelstrom for Linux

This is a link to Maelstrom for Linux, which Avoid The Roid was based upon.

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