Avoid The Roid Gameplay

The gameplay of Avoid The Roid is very similar to asteroids. In single player mode, the player moves his ship around, trying to shoot all the asteroids and collect powerups without running into any asteroids.

The default keys are as follows:
a - turn left
d - turn right
w - thrust
k - fire shot
l - turn on shield
q - quit game

The keys and other game options can be configured through the game menus.
The number of asteroids, amount of powerups, and other gameplay options can be configured in the ATRServerConfig or ATRServerSingleConfig file.

To start the game in windows, run the ATR.exe file. To start without sound, which may cause some problems, run the ATRNoSound.exe file. To start the game in linux, run the ATR file.

Avoid The Roid also has several multiplayer modes. To play a multiplayer game, first modify the ATRServerConfig file to configure the game, then configure each client and change the Server IP and Server Port to the IP address and port of the server that the ATRServer program is running on. Then start the server from the gui, and on each client select the start multiplayer game option. To start the game in dedicated server mode type ./ATR -ds.